Membership is by invitation. Candidate churches seeking to join will have to be recommended and properly screened by the Governing Board. There is a 12 month probationary period applicable. During this period, relationships must be built between the applicant and his ministry, thus enabling the applicant to know the Rhema Family Church Organization and the way it operates.


  • Pastors, Churches and Ministries applying for membership of the RHEMA FAMILY CHURCHES must be church based. Ministers and/or ministries operating independently of a local church will not be considered.
  • The Governing Board Member shall firstly interview the applicant to ascertain whether the applicant understands the responsibilities of membership and whether they qualify to become a member.
  • Associate Pastors of Local Churches can become members of RHEMA FAMILY CHURCHES subject to a recommendation from the Senior Pastor of the Local Church in which they serve.
  • A new Church planted by a RHEMA FAMILY CHURCH member, and which is recommended to the Rhema Family Churches, remains the responsibility of the original RHEMA FAMILY CHURCH member.
  • Members will operate in accountability to specific members of the Governing Board. A strong emphasis should be placed on interaction and communication.
  • Members will be required to demonstrate submission, commitment and loyalty to the President and the Governing Board members and to support the actions and initiatives by the President and the Governing Board.
  • Applicants must adhere to the “Statement of Faith”, and the requirements of the “RHEMA FAMILY CHURCHES,” as described in the Rhema Family Churches Booklet, and be morally, ethically and doctrinally sound.
  • Each applicant shall accurately complete an application and other relevant documentation needed for the process.
  • A once off registration fee of R500.00 is payable to the administration offices on application.
  • The completed application form must be returned to the recommending Governing Board member, who will process and forward the forms to the administrative offices for action.
  • Upon acceptance of application, the required probationary period will commence and the applicant must thereafter attend and be committed to all RHEMA FAMILY CHURCH meetings, both regional and national. If unable, the member must submit an official apology in writing or telephonically.
  • At the end of the probationary period, the relevant Rhema Family Churches Governing Board member will recommend the applicant for full membership by way of a letter to the administration office.
  • The RHEMA FAMILY CHURCH name and logo may only be used once an applicant has been recommended and received into full membership.
  • Should a minister leave the church or ministry under which he holds his Rhema Family church membership, the validity of membership will be reviewed.
  • A yearly budget will be set for the RHEMA FAMILY CHURCH Organization. Individual Rhema Family Churches will contribute proportionately to meet the budget according to their financial income.

Although the local Church operates autonomously it still remains accountable to the Governing Board of the RHEMA FAMILY CHURCH in matters of ministry, doctrine and government. The autonomy of the local church is protected in the ownership of its property and assets, as well as to the responsibility for its liabilities. However, in the following matters the local church commits itself to recognize that the Governing Board of the RHEMA FAMILY CHURCH has authority and that according to the constitution, the leadership and government of the local Church submit to the Governing Board of the RHEMA FAMILY CHURCHES.

In these matters the church is thus also enabled to appeal to the Governing Board

  • Death of the Senior Pastor
  • Dismissal of the Senior Pastor
  • Prolonged sickness of the Senior Pastor
  • Doctrinal Error by the Senior Pastor
  • Moral and financial failure by the Senior Pastor
  • Relocation of Senior Pastor

Requirements of ministers/churches/ministries coming into Rhema Family Churches

  • Committed to and accountable to developing sincere relationships with Governing Board Member to whom they relate.
  • Responsibility must be taken by the recommending Governing Board member for the new person coming into RHEMA FAMILY CHURCHES. It is important that there exists a relationship between these persons. New members and governing board member are encouraged to develop these relationships.
  • Uphold the vision which is, evangelistically potent, spiritually vibrant, prophetically relevant, and socially significant.
  • A yearly budget will be set for the Rhema Family Churches Organization. The Local Churches will contribute proportionately to meet the budget according to their financial income.
  • Adherence to the Ministerial Code of Ethics as described in the constitution and application form.
  • Submission to the President and the Governing Board.
  • The Application Form for RHEMA FAMILY CHURCHES membership will be a legal contract. Members who leave the movement, forfeit all ties, and relinquish all rights to the name and logo. RHEMA FAMILY CHURCHES reserves the right to institute legal action against any ex-member for breach of this contract.
If you are looking to become a member church, please fill out the form attached to the button bellow and email it to rfc@rhema.co.za