Welcome to the New RFC website

We are delighted to let you know that we have launched our new website. We will be featuring more content that would be useful for our Family Churches, as well as showcasing the various churches, services, events and outreaches that they are a part of.

We want to add as much value to each member church as possible, and having a website that showcases all that our family churches do and their diversity, is a part of ensuring we add value to each member church.

However we need your help too. We cannot advertise your events and outreaches and missions, unless you help us, by sending us pictures and info, we can provide as much assistance as possible to spread the word. Besides for this website, our social media accounts are also available to advertise our family churches events and happenings.

Please email rfc@rhema.co.za with your events, missions, feedback, outreaches, conferences etc.

We want to hear all that you are doing in your community.

We cannot guarantee we will be able to feature everything, but we will try to give each church fair exposure.

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