Board Member

Ps Anthony and Laurel since 1982 until 2013 pastored Rhema South Family Church in the South of Johannesburg.  When God told them to hand the ministry over to their son Donavan Cassell, they were obedient and gave it to him thinking that their time was over but “GOD”, who knows all things, had a lot more in store for them. With over three decades of pastoral, leadership and preaching experience God placed them in a new ministry where they are currently pastoring Rhema Vaal Family Church Vanderbijlpark.  Pastor Tony and Laurel Cassell are focused on accomplishing God’s plan and purpose for the Kingdom of God. Pastor Tony is on the Executive Board of the Rhema Family of Churches. He has a passion to add value to the lives of people and to inspire them to live a life of faith and breakthrough through preaching and teaching.  He has a vision for the church to grow and increase in the wisdom of God.