Our Objectives

Local Churches across the nation are invited by Pastor Ray McCauley and Governing Board Members to join the Rhema Family Churches in pursuance of the following objectives:

A Network of Churches and Ministries

To establish a network of churches and ministries under the apostolic authority of Pastor Ray McCauley and the Rhema Family Churches Governing Board.

Advancing and establishing God’s Kingdom

To be committed to advancing and establishing God’s Kingdom within South Africa as well as internationally.

Address the Relevant Social and Moral Issues in Our Nation

To address the relevant social and moral issues in our nation with one voice.

Support and Provide Assistance to the Member Churches

To support and provide assistance to the member Churches of the Rhema Family Churches.

Building an Enduring Legacy

To be committed to building an enduring legacy for future generations.

A Credible and Visible Rhema Family Churches Identity

To establish a credible and visible Rhema Family Churches identity throughout the Republic of South Africa.

Planting and Establishing Churches

To be committed to planting and establishing churches in densely populated areas and to serve rural areas from this strong base through encouraging and assisting in the planting of local churches that will have a strong presence in such communities.

Train, Equip and Support Emerging Leaders

To train, equip and support emerging leaders for church planting and missions.

Financial Commitment of Every Member Church

To achieve the vision and mission of the Rhema Family Churches underwritten by the financial commitment of every member church.