• Joint effort needed to beat gangs, drugs!

    IT WILL TAKE ALL OF US TO FIGHT AND WIN AGAINST GANGS AND DRUGS IN OUR COMMNUNITIES One of the basic responsibilities any government has towards its citizens is protecting and making them feel safe. Yet, of late, we have seen some communities taking to the streets because of unrelenting

  • Call to Vet religious leaders

    I WATCHED WITH HORROR AND THE TRIAL PROCEEDINGS OF MR TIM OMOTOSO Like many South Africans, I watched with horror, shame and disbelief last week the trial proceedings of Mr Tim Omotoso who has been charged with rape and human trafficking. Omotoso is a supposed pastor and as a religious

  • Arresting crises at schools

    ITS TIME TO STAND TOGETHER AND CONFRONT VIOLENCE IN OUR SCHOOLS We have just celebrated World Teachers Day this past Friday but spare a thought for those teachers who have found themselves at the receiving end of student violence. I was not aware of the magnitude of this problem until

  • A code of faith for all

    RELIGIOUS LEADERS HAS NOW AN OPPORTUNITY TO CHART THEIR OWN WAY FORWARD, HOLD EACH OTHER ACCOUNTABLE AND STOP THE ROT At the heart of South Africa’s democratic liberty, lies freedom of thought, belief and practice. This, to those of us in the religious or faith sector, is of paramount importance.

  • One family was able to steal almost the whole country.

    WE WELCOME THE START OF THE STATE OF CAPTURE COMMISSION OF INQUIRY AND THERE MUST BE CONSEQUENCES FOR THOSE WHO FOUND GUILTY  We welcome the start of the state capture commission of inquiry, we hope the commission will do its work without fear or favour and it will help the nation and its people to heal from

  • Welcome to the New RFC website

    We are delighted to let you know that we have launched our new website. We will be featuring more content that would be useful for our Family Churches, as well as showcasing the various churches, services, events and outreaches that they are a part of. We want to add as