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Rhema Village of Hope Ministries

Rhema Village of Hope Ministries
Sandton, Gauteng

About Us

We are passionate about the next generation. We strongly believe that the future of a country is dependant on us building a solid foundation and this starts with Early Childhood Development. We are currently embarking on a learnership programme as follows:
➢ Understanding Children’s behaviour ➢ Understanding Children’s feelings
➢ Building Children’s self esteem
➢ Assertiveness and engaging cooperation
➢ Effective Discipline
➢ Problem solving, values and family meetings

➢ Vaccines for minors at schools & Clinics
➢ Proper healthcare education – Health talks by professionals
➢ Health Awareness programmes
We have found that without proper nutrition children:
➢ cannot focus at school as their concentration levels are at an all-time low
➢ this adversely affects both their education and health
➢ they could encounter detrimental health issues
We would like to make a difference by providing a healthy breakfast and/or lunch pack when possible. Our organisation is totally dependant on the contributions and sponsors to make this initiative possible.

As you are aware a child’s future is dependent on her performance at school. In today’s world a solid education is fundamental in securing employment or pursuing tertiary studies however studies have shown that girls in impoverished areas face challenges in these areas:

CHALLENGES CAUSE HOW CAN WE HELP Sanitary packs Unaffordable Provide Sanitary/hygiene Packs
➢ This leads to a high absenteeism rate – on average 5 days a month of school is lost which is 60 days per annum which is almost 2.5/3 months of schooling.
➢ This has contributed to the high failure rate.

We at AHAF are currently on a drive to target schools in rural impoverished areas by suppling school going girls with sanitary and hygiene packs, however our drive can only be successful through your participation. We humble request that you partner with us to make a difference in a child’s life and become a HERO. Your contribution can positively contribute to making a difference in keeping girls at school. 3. HEALTH SCREENINGS Proper healthcare screenings in rural & impoverished areas

➢ Cholesterol
➢ Diabetes
➢ BP
➢ General Health Screenings
➢ TB
➢ Mental Health awareness

4. HEALTH AWARENESS ➢ Creating awareness of various diseases and the prevention thereof especially with the younger generation.
➢ Teaching them how Prevention is better than cure.
➢ Health education
➢ Counselling
➢ Training

5. HIV AIDS This is a silent killer and South Africa is the forerunner with this pandemic on an ever increasing high. We have the highest rate of HIV AIDS infected people. We have the power to change this, with your
involvement and support we can impact various regions educating and preventing the spread of this disease. Surveys have proved that in rural areas where the pandemic is on the rise it is understood that through lack of education and awareness of this disease the spread is disastrous. We have the power to change this by promoting “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE” and making sure that people are more aware of the health implications of this silent killer. These are some of the initiative we are currently enforcing, and we could make a positive impact in our beautiful country by empowering our fellow citizens. We are very passionate in ensuring that South Africa is moving towards a brighter positive future through our involvement and humbly appeal to you to be part of our initiative through you we will be empowered to reach more and not only change lives but together we could look forward to a promising and brighter future in South Africa

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